Tokyo Sky Diving Experience (2014)

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  • - May 13, 2015

And after a year, it’s just now that I get to write about my sky diving experience.

Okay, where should I start? Truth is, my dive wasn’t planned at all. I was just there to join my friend and so that he won’t get lost on the trip to Saitama where Honda Airport is located.

We took a train ride from Ueno station. It was a 40 minute pleasant ride because we purchased a green car ticket which enables us to seat on the green cars.

We first tried to wait for a bus ride to the airport but we think we won’t make it on time if we wait. So, we took a Taxi and we made it to the airport.

Tokyo Sky Diving Club

Tokyo skydiving club is a full service drop zone which includes Tandem, AFF programs, a full rigging loft and bunk house.


The area has wide tables and chairs and huge area on where they practice some stunts and fold their parachutes. They have sun covers to keep the area cool.


This is what the area looks like.

If you guys want to check them out, here’s their website in English.

I don’t want to dive!

As I mentioned, my dive wasn’t planned at all. So my friend had been convincing me since we took the train ride, until I finally said yes on our way to Honda Airport. I drunk plum wine the night before the dive so I’m not sure if there’s going to be side effects or what. Aside from being scared, I feel sleepy too, must have been the hangover. So, because it’s my first time, I just relaxed myself while waiting for our turn. I took my iPhone and played some music on to brighten up my mood.

I still can’t believe I said yes. But because of the hangover, I feel so sleepy and so it’s like my nervous level is not as high. I feel like, okay, I just have to deal with it, then I can go home and sleep.

How did my friend got me a “Yes”? Well because he’ll be the one to pay. Aside from that, he said that he’s leaving Japan for good and his birthday is upcoming on July and i’m not gonna be with him to celebrate so he asked my “Yes” as a gift. Well, this ever convincing man got my approval, but he got me thinking “Sky diving as a gift? He wants me dead! lol”.

Skydiving isn’t affordable you guys, I’m telling you. It will cost you 40,000 yen each dive per person. As good as I remember, it includes the video or picture coverage. We were asked which one do we want to have, we picked video.

Here it goes!

Before the dive, you will be oriented by your diving partner. He will assist you in wearing the safety gear.


We’re heading up in the sky!




I forgot how high we’ve gone. The view is totally amazing.



What did I felt when we left the plane? Peace and calm. I feel like, I’m literally just floating in air giving all my trust to the person I am with and his parachute. It’s an amazing experience for me. Once in a while it’s really good having this random extreme experience because it’s only there you will know how much life can offer you.


This is when the parachute was opened. Reality finally sinked in, and I’m just enjoying the wonderful view. I also got the chance to pray to God and thanking Him for this chance I get. Have I said No, I won’t be able to see and experience all of this. Most of all, I will forever thank my friend for this experience. Not only that he was one of the most special person in my life, I will not forget all the experience that he shared with me.


Now, preparing for the landing! My partner asked me to spread my legs like this when we land and make sure it is strong enough.

Here’s my reaction after the dive.


We had a very smooth landing. My partner was really amazing.


High five!


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