In transit.

  • Written by Katherine Tan
  • - May 5, 2015

My ‘Dora The Explorer’ moment was when I travelled to Phuket via Singapore. I had to stay in Changi Airport for more than 20 hours before I board my next flight. And I was alone. Sooo, hmmm.
My first reaction: PURE PANIC. (being a drama queen and all)

A few weeks before my flight, I did a lot of research and I found out that Changi Airport was voted as one of the best airports to be stucked in. So my anguish was slowly turning to excitement.The day finally came, and I bid goodbye to my boyfriend whom I’m gonna miss for 5 exact days. (cheesy, sorry!) I boarded the plane and after more than 3 hours of sitting, listening to shouting kids and crying babies, I finally arrived.

The airport was a far cry from our airport back home (truth). It was really clean and the wifi was quite fast. Computers with free access are scattered around the area. You can also find charging areas in every nook and cranny. If you want to have a wifi password, just go to the Information counter ( they’re everywhere) and give them your passport. They will scan it and voila! you have 8 hours of freedom. If your session expires, you can simply ask for another password again. Or scan it yourself in one of their machines.

I quickly went to Transfer Lounge E to claim my boarding pass for my other flight (Thanks to my angel bestfriend for the Tigerconnect! oh and by the way, I am in Terminal 2) and I went on.

Here are some of the free things I did and you surely can do while waiting for your flight:

1. Get connected
Aside from the free wifi connection for your gadgets, you can also utilize their computer terminals. They’re everywhere! seriously.
2. Foot massage!
The airport is really big, and walking is really an effort. You can pamper your feet in their lounge chairs with built in massagers, which you can customize to your preferred setting.
3. Watch movies
Yes, you aren’t dreaming. They have it in every terminal. You can watch unlimited movies in their comfy chairs! Other folks slept there too. lol
4. Nature buff? Gardens for you.
They have an assortment of gardens, sunflower, butterfly,cactus, ferns and orchids. Really relaxing!
5. Electronics zone
more of a techie?you can get up to date with the newest cutting edge technology while waiting for your flight.
6. Nurture your love for art
There’s a mini museum that displays their culture nd heritage. There’s also a wooden art block print in the Interactive art center that you can enjoy doing.
7. Free Tour!
If you have more than 5 hours to spare, then you can avail of the singapore day and night tour. You just have to locate their Singapore free tour kiosk and present your boarding pass. The tour will last for about 2 hours, with your own jolly tour guide and a kind bus driver. They will even let you take pictures of some of the famous landmarks in the city.
8. Shopping (hoho!)
They have everything. From souvenirs, make-up, electronics and luxury boutiques. Though it’s not for free, haha, you get to save because they’ll refund you for the taxes on your purchases. They also have an online shop, with incredible discounts, where you can shop in advance then pay and collect before you fly again. Amazing right? (

aaaaand! to seal the deal, Changi is adding more activities, events and freebies for passengers in transit. You can check their website for some updates before flying in! Bon voyage!

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